Frequently asked questions

1. Is felt with a certificate for children under 3 years of age?

Yes, colored and white Korean felt has a certificate for children under 3 years.

2. How long it takes to send the goods?

After paying the order, I usually ship the goods the next day.

3. Can I order anything else if I have already paid for the order?

Yes, just write an ordinary email about what else you are interested in and I will add it to the existing order.

4. Do you also send abroad?

Yes, the courier company allows sending to Slovakia, for example, for CZK 85.
I send to other countries via packet - you can find the price list on

5. Is it possible to print something on request?

Yes, just write me an email about what you are interested in.

6. What size are felt panels? 

I print all felt panels on A4 size.

7. What size are the cotton panels?

The most common size is 25x25 cm, which is the popular size of a quiet book

8. Does water bother the felt and cotton panels?

They don't mind the water, but it is not recommended to put the felt in the washing machine, it is 100% Polyester.

9. How much will I pay for the optional panel?

The price of such a panel varies according to the complexity of processing, from 109 CZK

10. Can you create placards, even with a graphic design?

Yes, I create all graphic work directly for you.

The price of such a card with one graphic design will be around 6 CZK / pc per double-sided card, printed on a ribbon, for example 2.5 cm.

Write an email for more info.